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Students learn best in a nurturing environment. At Discovery School, you can be confident you’re leaving your child in caring hands.

A student-centered education engages the whole child, helping them to respond intellectually, personally and socially to the challenges of an ever-changing society. We value each child’s unique voice while teaching them to value the diversity of other voices as well, creating an atmosphere that celebrates student successes and promotes the development of positive self-worth they will carry into adulthood.

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Our learning environment is unique and experiential - so experience it for yourself! Here are a few sneak peeks into what happens at Discovery: 


Our 5th grade students spend the last six weeks "Sharing the Planet" and learning about all 
biodiversity and the Discovery School woods has to offer.

Our first grade students are working on the transdisciplinary theme “How We Express Ourselves”. As part of their study, they listened to musicians from Mansfield Renaissance string quartet.

Our students are working on exhibiting the IB Learner Profile in their everyday lives. Here are two of our students demonstrating how to be open minded.


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