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Make Earth Day Everyday

Everyone packs their lunch at Discovery School (since we have no cafeteria.) Well, this year, we made it a goal to try to pack waste-free lunches as much as possible. We particularly focused on trying to avoid single-use plastics.
For example, instead of buying Lunchables that leave a plastic tray to be discarded, students would pack meat/cheese/crackers in reusable containers. Instead of disposable plastic water bottles, students would bring refillable ones. Instead of offering plastic cutlery to students, they were asked to bring real silverware from home to meet their needs. Plastic sandwich baggies were replaced by washable silicone bags or beeswax wraps and cloth napkins replaced paper ones. On April 22nd, which happens to be Earth Day, we had a little competition to see which grade level could generate the least amount of trash at lunch time. While the K/1 class had the smallest amount, we were all winners! As a prize, and to further assist with waste-free lunches in the future, each Discovery School student received a reusable combo utensil that includes a fork, spoon, and knife in one! The Discovery Wolfpack not only believes that we should treat everyday as Earth Day, we practice it!